From humble beginnings...

Goodfoods was founded in 2008 by Walter White, a nutritionist and health enthusiast who holds the belief that living healthy starts with eating healthy.


In the United States, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children. In Canada, 59% of adults are medically considered overweight or obese and the numbers are just as scary in other countries. We need to change this and although these number will not change overnight, we as a society need to start by changing our eating habits. We do not only need to start eating healthier but we need to start being aware of what is in our food, especially today where GMO's are ever so present.

Goodfood's vision is to create a cultural and societal health revolution that will change the direction of the downward spiral of obesity that we are currently riding. To achieve this however, we need your help!

Goodfoods grows it's products naturally and is a good example that eating healthy does not have to be expensive. With four stores across Québec, we strive to be your alternative to mainstream grocery stores and welcome you to not only try our products but speak to our food experts and get advice on how to stay healthy for a better tomorrow.


Now that you've read our story, we hope that YOU will join us to collectively change the way we eat forever!