Change how you eat today for a healthier tomorrow

The Challenge

The challenge first starts with your commitment, your promise to yourself that you will change how you eat for your well being. This challenge welcomes you to follow 7 steps...

  1. Say no to GMOs
    Genetically modified foods have not been proven to be safe and the levels of pesticides and herbicides being used are adding new risks. Protect your health, say no to GMOs and buy organically grown food.
  2. Balance your meals
    Consider eating from all the food groups, the more diverse your diet, the more you will benefit from gaining the recommended nutritional levels from various vitamins.
  3. Make water important
    Water is not only important for keeping hydrated, but it's also important for metabolizing food intake. For a regular diet, on average drink between 6 and 9 glasses of water each day at a regular diet.
  4. Cook food, don't take out
    Simply put, if you know the content of what you are eating the more control you have over ensuring that you are getting the recommended nutrients from your foods.
  5. Fruits & veggies for snacks
    Fruits and vegetables are rich in essential vitamins and water. Substitute a bag a chips and your fatty snacks with a handful of oranges, grapes and other healthy options.
  6. Opt in for whole grain
    Eating 100% whole grain foods can help minimize your risk of cardiovascular disease, gum disease and it even keeps you from putting on unneeded weight.
  7. Tell your friends
    Share our challenge with your friends and get them thinking about changing their eating habits.